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Reiki Courses

Anyone can learn Reiki from a qualified Reiki master, true attunement process which is sacred and secret. It opens the Psychic Chakras in the body and establishes the spiritual link with source.

Details of Reiki Course

Day Timings Venue
All Days 10 AM - 5 PM Hyderabad : #403, Ashoka Amber Residency, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad, (T.S) ,India
All Days 10 AM - 5 PM Visakhapatnam : D. No: 38-19-11/3, Reiki House, Plot No. 7,
Jyothi Nagar, Marripalem, Visakhapatnam, (A.P) ,India

1 Basic or 1st Degree Course

  1. History of Reiki
  2. Attunement to Align and open your energy centers.
  3. Hands on Healing techniques, the basic hand positions for treating self and others.
  4. Chakra cleansing and energizing through meditation.

3 3rd Degree Course

  1. Great bright light invoking
  2. Empowering goals
  3. Earth mastery meditation
  4. Psychic surgery
  5. Crystal grid

4 4th Degree Course (Master)

Complete Attunements of all the world renowned Masters (1st & 2nd level).

  1. Anth Karna Meditation
  2. Micro Cosmic Orbit Meditation

2 Advanced Reiki Healer or 2nd Degree Course

One cannot become a efficient healer without advanced Reiki course. For powerful and successful healing- II Degree is indispensable.

  1. Benefits of Reiki
  2. Absent/Distant healing, sending Reiki energy across time and space, with Divine symbols all are achievements,goals relation-ships, personal growth, ambitions and business, etc.
  3. Third eye opening meditation to heighten intuition, clairvoyance and telepathy
  4. Self protecting technique for business, family and traveling.
  5. Healing with crystals
  6. The more you heal others, the more you get healed.

5 5th Degree Course (Reiki GrandMaster)

Complete Attunements of all the world renowned Masters (3rdlevel, Reiki Master & Grand Master)


Magnified Healing & Karuna Reiki Classes.

Tarot Reading is also available.


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