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Voilet Flame Reiki

Introduction :

It is a process of purging away(get rid off) negativity from human and earth with divine violet flame in mighty cosmic power. Some call it as violet lite, they are attracted to it and they attract it to their auras. we might experiment with the alchemy of self-transformation through this sacred fire. The pineal gland will be activated and over come stress and auxiaty. The power of over subconscious mind will become light to achieve any goal. Very power full twenty(20) "SYMBOLS" are there first and second levels, which will work human | any living beings and earth to purify from the negativity.

Gurus : Saint Germain , Kwaniyan(Kwan Yin) and Ivy Moori :

Very effective symbols to heal the following :

  1. Fever,removal and keeps the body with normal temperature.
  2. Fertility and Re-birth.
  3. Past life healing and rasining the body temperature if felt necessaray.
  4. Controls the movement of the body parts.
  5. Soul and Body purification.
  6. External spiritual cleanse.
  7. Rectifies nervous disorders.
  8. Breaking through the past traumas.
  9. Spiritual healing.
  10. Healing of HIV/AIDS by heat purification.
  11. Uniting broken hearts,Spirit(family setting right).
  12. Protection amplified.
  13. Extraction of any illness,habits or any undesireable things and keeps us success.
  14. Power cleansing by heat.
  15. Return to visionary consciouness.
  16. Balancing goood and bad.
  17. Connecting with higher levels of divine.
  18. Balancing of all assessentials inlifes.
  19. Amplifies healing through divine for hard cases.
  20. The divine human soul.